Moving from FEAR to HOPE

Are you acting from a place of FEAR or HOPE?
Hello!, let's shift from a place of FEAR to a place of HOPE: 
  1. CHECK IN: Get really CLEAR on where you are coming from. Is the conversation in your head one that triggers anxiety, anger, worry? 
  2. WHAT IS THE LANGUAGE OF FEAR? Write it down. If you recognize that fear is running loose, what language does FEAR use? Write it down on a piece of paper. Become familiar with it. We can change only what we can recognize. 
  3. WHAT IS THE LANGUAGE OF HOPE? Think of a moment in your life when you felt hopeful. Trusting. What language did you use? Write it down.
  4. PRACTICE: Once we begin recognizing the language, the script in our heads we can begin questioning it and shifting it. For every fear thought or statement that you think, ask the question: How real is that scenario? Possibility? Thought? Begin challenging your worst case scenario thinking and bring it down to reality. 

NEXT STEP? Keep a journal of the conversations in your head and watch them shift. ;-)