Let me tell you about something that happened FOR me this morning.
This week I've been feeling off. Tired, overwhelmed, self-doubt all mixed together.
This morning, I wake up and I decide to stop by the pharmacy on my way back from dropping off the kids at school. Now, my husband offered to run the errand for me but I decided I wanted to do it, I needed the distraction.
As I walk into the pharmacy, one of the ladies at the store recognizes me from church (she and I have volunteered before in the youth program) and she looks at me, her eyes swell up and she says:
"You are just who I needed to see today."
Puzzled I asked why and she proceeds to tell me about her son and his struggles; how every time she and I talk she feels lighter and with more clarity and how when she saw me come into the store she smiled and realized I was bringing her light.
NOW... TRUST ME... this is not how I felt this morning.
In my yoga pants and t-shirt, I felt like darkness more than light...
but at that moment, listening to her, offering some suggestions and mostly acknowledging her, I felt in purpose, on purpose, and for a purpose. 
I thanked this lady for reminding me of who I am, what I do and what I bring to the world. I paid for my purchase and I came back to my office to remind YOU, Hello!, of your purpose.
To be the LADY IN THE STORE, for you.
If you are reading this email, and you are on my list, chances are you are a change maker. Your work not only pays the bills but brings you joy, brings a gift to the world and leaves a footprint. 
So I want you to read this email and ask yourself... what is the IMPACT of your work?
What do you leave behind every time you SHOW UP for your purpose?
There's a book that is a "mandatory read" for all my clients. This is Viktor Frankl's book "Man's Search for Meaning" you can find it on Amazon or you can download a FREE PDF (the author made available to the public) right here:
The biggest gift I receive, every day I sit at my desk, is the gift of honoring my life purpose through my work. 
I believe this is possible for EVERYONE.
Yes, Hello!, you as well.
So if you don't feel very aligned... or if you are "waiting" for the perfect moment to release what you are doing to show up for your purpose then let's chat.
I'm hosting one of my VIRTUAL COFFEE sessions next week, Monday, April 2nd at 2 PM EST (make sure you check your time zone) and I want you to join me. Simply CLICK HERE and make sure you give this question some thought over the weekend:
How aligned is your work with your LIFE PURPOSE?

If you celebrate Easter then... HAPPY EASTER, I look forward to "seeing" you on Monday, April 2nd at 2 PM EST!

Have a great rest of your day,