A gift for you.


As you might have figured out by now, I’m passionate about ideas. I’m passionate about:

  • Clarifying Ideas
  • Strategizing Ideas
  • Communicating Ideas

What is an idea? I define it as a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action; a belief, a new way of doing something or a new perspective.

Ideas require creativity and clarity in the same way a plant needs water and sun!

I work in the world of ideas every day; whether I’m helping someone come up with a creative new path of action or a new way to lead their team.  It may be helping an entrepreneur clarify their value proposition, or brainstorming ideas for new products. Ideas are what drive me and get me excited about ALL the possibilities!

This passion for ideas is what also inspires me to volunteer as the Lead Organizer of TEDxNewBedford. Together with my team, every year, we produce a 1,000+ audience event here in New Bedford, Massachusetts. This event gives me the opportunity to be exposed to hundreds of new ideas which speakers are bringing forth to impact our world.

As curator and speaker coach for TEDxNewBedford, I’m always asked this question: What would it take to bring MY idea to a TEDx stage?

So, Hello!, I share my experience and insights on preparing for and landing on a TEDx stage in my newly released book: “18 Minutes of Impact: Move Your Audience to Action the TED Way.”

In this book you will find:

  • A step-by-step process on how to clearly articulate your idea and then pitch it to speak at a TEDx event
  • The elements of a successful TED talk and how you can use the TED speaking format to successfully engage your audiences in any speaking engagement
  • A proven framework to successfully create an emotional experience for your audience

Whether you are looking to land a TEDx stage in the near future, or you are just looking to raise the level of engagement with your audiences, this book is a MUST READ!

The good news??? As part of my community, I want to offer this book to you FOR FREE right now! Why?

Because I believe in empowering YOU to bring your ideas into our world!  I strongly believe in the nurturing, communicating and launching of ideas as catalysts for a better tomorrow.

So, download your FREE copy of my book right now!   

And if you want to get together--- as part of our TEDxNewBedford efforts, we host periodical, small conversations called  TEDxNewBedfordSalons. We meet for two hours, watch a couple of pre-recorded TED talks and I facilitate a conversation around a specific topic. Our upcoming MAY event will center around the topic of Leadership, so I hope to see you there!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend-- if you are in this part of the world.

PS: As it is the last week of the month, this FRIDAY MAY 27th I'm hosting another MONTHLY PLANNING SESSION. JOIN US TO PLAN YOUR MONTH OF JUNE!