What would you do for FREE all day long?


Congratulations! If you are reading this, you have survived the holidays and you are beginning a brand new year.

A year where you have a CHOICE!

A choice to keep on doing what you’ve been doing in the same way for many years. Or a year when you can begin to realize your dreams of aligning your passion with your work.

This moment came true for me many years ago when someone asked me a simple question: What would you do for FREE all day long?

The answer at first was easy… Sleep in, hang out with friends, watch movies, read books… but that’s just the childish answer to a very profound question.

When I took the question seriously the answer was different:

  • I would help people figure out stuff. (Their life, their business, their relationships.)

  • I would discuss ideas and how you can bring those ideas to market.

  • I would build strategies for people to realize their dreams.

  • I would speak publicly about these topics.

  • I would write about these topics.

To be honest, these answers took me by surprise but they are still 100% true to this day.

Back then, that was not what I was doing. Actually I was running my own retail business which I enjoyed, but I was not really doing all of those things. I was figuring stuff out for my business, not for others.

Little by little, I began searching for the resources I needed to begin aligning what I naturally was good at AND love to do, with my work-- and this brings me to today.

Today, I work 100% of the time on doing just this. I help my clients figure out stuff, not because I have the answers, but because I guide them through their fog, their “overwhelm”-- into a path for CLARITY and action. I help my clients unpack their chaos, just like a box of mixed-up puzzle pieces and once these pieces are organized on the floor, they can start seeing the full vision and then take action.

And I’m still learning and growing.

2016 will bring even more focus for me as I will be launching a whole new program-- just for people running small businesses. New or old,  but that have yet to reach a six figure revenue.

I love working with small businesses because it gives me the opportunity to help entrepreneurs lay the foundation for dramatic growth that is 100% aligned with who they are. They grow businesses that they don’t want to let go of because they are having so much fun, every day!

So if YOU are ready to begin aligning your passion with your work OR if you or someone you know is running a small business--then I have an invitation for you.

Join me on Tuesday January 19 for a BUSINESS MAKEOVER LIVE WEBINAR. During this webinar I will ask this question:

What would you do for FREE all day long?

I will also offer TWO entrepreneurs a BUSINESS MAKEOVER right there in the webinar.

Space is limited for this virtual event so grab yours now and apply to receive a BUSINESS MAKEOVER for YOUR BUSINESS.

Sending all the NEW YEAR energy your way-- as you end the first week of 2016!

Dolores works with entrepreneurs who struggle with business models & ideal client clarity and would like to have a clear roadmap to grow their business. What separates her from others business coaches is that she has over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur and coach and because of this, clients receive the clarity, coaching  and direction they need to substantially grow their business. If you would like to learn more email me or sign up for a FREE BUSINESS MAKEOVER SESSION.