Frustrated by the questions, tell me about your business? Here’s an idea

Do you fear the #1 question everyone asks at a networking event?

Tell me about your business?

I remember, sitting in a room, waiting for my turn to introduce myself in front of everyone, listening to everyone's clear, concise and straightforward explanation of their business, thinking.... how can I sound like him, and like her, and the guy over there!
Talking about our work, in a concise and compelling way, is REALLY hard.
Trying not to sound like everybody else, while at the same time, being clear and to the point is something every entrepreneur struggles with.
In the work that I do, I ALWAYS START by solving this problem.
Identifying and clarifying the CORE IDEA, the answer to the question, what does your company do?
Because when you can answer this question, you can:
  • Communicate with your audience
  • Make aligned decisions
  • Consistently take action anchored on a CORE IDEA
  • Create a vision for your company.... what does BLOWING up the core IDEA look like?
  • And SCALE! 

At the end of the day, financial stability is not a dream, it's a RESPONSIBILITY!

If you are here to make a difference in the world with your work then you MUST ensure that your business is sustainable... otherwise your market will action so that outcome.jpg

So, Hello!, let me show you how to get REALLY CLEAR on your core IDEA.

Here are 3 STEPS to come up with your one-sentence statement:

  1. Describe what you do. What is the "ACTION" your company takes?
  2. Describe the results you want your clients to have.
  3. Put it together:


To (ACTION) so that (OUTCOME)


Yes, this sounds simple.
It is simple.
...but is immensely powerful!
So now what? What can you do with it?
You put it to work!
Grab a post-it note and write the statement on it!
Place the post-it note on your desk, by your computer, as a backdrop to your phone and during the day, while you are working, ask yourself:
Is this decision or action I'm taking aligned or not with the CORE IDEA?
That's exactly what we do in our IDEAPRENEUR NETWORK community. Every time we come together we brainstorm the path we need to take for our businesses to grow.
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Have a great rest of your day,