Don't Hire a Coach!


Don't Hire a Coach! 

after watching this video, if you answer YES to these questions:
  • Are you ready to grow?
  • Are you ready to reach your next level?
  • Are you ready to achieve the results you are REALLY looking for?

Then go find your coach!

(You can read more about why you should hire a coach in my article “Why I have a Coach”, but as I state in the article, this is not just about getting a coach, this is about surrounding yourself with a group of people who you can:

  • Look up to! Find people who are living the life you want--who have the career and life experience you are longing for. CONNECT with them and then LEARN from them.

  • Get Challenged by! Partner with someone that is a bit BEYOND your level. If you are partnering with someone to run with every morning--find someone that can run with you,  but yet CHALLENGE you at the same time. (If you can’t partner, hire them!)

  • Save Time! Are you looking to SUCCEED at something very specific? Hire EXPERTS who can save you time (and money!) People who have studied or have experience in what you are looking to accomplish and can save you time (and money)  in the learning curve.

Now that we cleared that up… Now that you know that YES, you want to grow and reach your next level, I have a gift for you:

I’m offering FIVE FREE COACHING SESSIONS where you can:

  • Bring something you need to shift
  • Experience the power of a coaching session
  • Begin shifting

If you, Hello!, are truly ready to move forward ,then grab this opportunity now, only five spaces are available--first come first serve!

Until the next one, have a great week,

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