The making of an idea...


In 2012, as part of the team, we made an idea come true in the form of TEDxNewBedford. It was a great event that happened here in New Bedford MA. This year, 2015, we have expanded on that idea and I have taken the lead to bring TEDxNewBedford once again to the region.

What began as an idea, has in a very short time  turned into:

  • A team committed to bringing this event to life in the Fall of 2015
  • A first major sponsor, the Zeiterion Theatre, with capacity to host an audience of over 1,200 people and the ability to reach thousands of people in the region through their marketing network
  • A website, that was recently launch
  • A theme – UNBOUND - What happens when we explore beyond our limiting beliefs?
  • A speaker application process, where speaker are already applying to be part of this event.
  • A first kick off community event, tonight May 28th at Cork Restaurant. This event will be live streaming TEDWOMEN (happening in California today). If you can make it we would love to have you
  • And a write up in the local paper today

Why am I sharing all this?

1.     In case you want to meet up over drinks tonight

2.     In case you have an idea worth sharing and you want to apply to speak

3.     If you are in the region, or need an excuse to visit, mark your calendar to be here on November 6th, you won’t want to miss it

4.     Lastly because I want to show you how ideas come into reality

 Ideas are just spark of inspiration, vision, thoughts, that come up randomly, when we are least expecting it and we always have the choice to act on them or not. Many of these ideas seem way too big for us to even consider, unless we dare to share that idea with someone and begin saying YES to the possibility.

TEDxNewBedford is happening, here in New Bedford on November 6th 2015 at the Zeiterion Theatre because each one of us in the organizing team, and those that don’t even know it yet but will be part of this experience; is saying YES to something bigger than ourselves. 

So, What will you say YES to today?

Send me a note and let me know. Or come to my Facebook page and join in the conversation. Or, if you want, book some time to connect directly on the phone with me. 

Take care & keep moving forwards,

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