Do You have an idea worth sharing?


Do you have an idea worth sharing? Is there something you are dying to share from a large stage?

Here’s my three tips to know if you are ready to share your idea from a larger stage:

  1. GET CLEAR ON YOUR IDEA. Stories make great stories, not great talks but a clear idea, combined with the right story, can make a great talk. Start by stating your idea, take it for a test drive, make sure it’s unique, relevant and it can be shared. Once you have that, the proceed with crafting your talk.

  2. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE:  Who are you talking to? What do they care about? What language do you need to use to engage them?

  3. DESIGN YOUR IMPACT: At the end, what do you want your audience to do, feel, takeaway? If you want your talk, to last well beyond your time on stage, you need to design, from the get go, what the audience will be taking with them. What you will inspire them to do.

Stay tuned for a webinar on “All you need to do to craft and pitch your TED like talk” coming up in the next few weeks.

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