What is YOUR IDEA worth sharing?


Last week, while in New York for a networking event I got an email from a client celebrating a major goal. She had just received an email invitation to speak at a TEDx Event!

We had worked together on outlining the idea worth sharing, preparing a pitch and navigating the application process.  After applying to a few events around the world-- her idea was selected to be presented at a very well-established TEDx event!

Why am I telling you this?

I have a lot of conversations with people every week. I am on calls with people who have dreams, goals and a vision of what they want and what they are capable of doing.  But only a few of them are ready to commit to their dreams. Only a few of them are willing to do the work they need to do to realize their vision. Hello!, is that you?

Let me tell you a secret-- holding on to a dream is as uncomfortable as doing what it takes to realize it! 

A dream that rings loud and clear in your head can not be pushed down; it will come out one way or another! It will either be manifested and become a reality or it will show up as anger, frustration, sadness.

What would it be for you? Will you launch or kill your dream?

In this talk, Brazilian-born Bel Pesce talks with clarity and great humor about the FIVE ways to kill your dreams:

So, Hello!, what dream do you have? 

How do you want to make an impact on this world? 

Are you longing to communicate your dream, your vision?

If you are ready to commit, then I’m ready for you! Let’s schedule a time to speak and explore YOUR IDEA WORTH SHARING.

In the meantime, we are working hard with the volunteer curating team in selecting our speakers for TEDxNewBedford 2016. 

Want to meet up with us? 

Join us on Thursday, June 30th for a conversation around Education 2.0. We will meet on the stage of the Zeiterion Theatre (everyone comes onstage) and we will facilitate a conversation amongst participants. We will also be announcing the first five speakers for our November event.

Until then, have a great week.