I need some help...

Are you hiding?
If you are like me, you might be suffering from the "hiding" syndrome I've suffered from all winter. This feeling of "I'm not ready", "I'm confused", "If I don't have all the answers I won't take action",,,, Someone recently said to me that the "I'm not CLEAR or I'm confused" excuse is simply that... an excuse to NOT TAKE ACTION.
But I'm done with it! I'm declaring, right here, right now that I'm launching...
stay tuned for MAY 8th but for you...
Hello!, can you commit as well?
Commit to taking action towards that project, that will move your business forward but that you've yet to roll up your sleeves.
So, here are three things that you need to take that next step: 
  • COURAGE: Yes, we all need a bit of courage here or there but when we are talking about going out to the market and bringing our work, we need a LOT of courage. Hey, if it were easy, everyone will be doing this work. But you have the courage, otherwise, you would not be reading this email or in my community. Somehow you found yourself with this in your inbox and you've read this far... take this as a sign that you have the courage and you are ready!
  • CLARITY: You don't need to know EVERYTHING that will happen in your business for the next five years, not even for the next 12 months. All you need is enough CLARITY to know how to communicate your VALUE PROPOSITION, who you are speaking to and how to price your product. The rest will come... trust me. 
  • ACTION: It's interesting how this works. If you mix a bit of COURAGE with CLARITY you will have enough to get you moving and the ACTION itself will bring more courage and more clarity. As you get into the market, as you connect with your audience, receive feedback and move forward you will witness yourself coming alive, feeling energized and empowered. It feels magical! Try it, go post something or share your work with someone right now and see what happens.

So, that's it.

That's all there is to it and if you want to be the first to know of the surprises for MAY 8th simply click HERE. ;-) and hold me accountable to that day!

Have a great rest of your day,