Hello!, do you need a hand?


Is there more to our success than just gritting our teeth and pushing hard?

By the end of 2014 I found myself in a bind. I was working hard in my business, managing the end of year family stress and looking to plan my 2015 all at the same time.

As an entrepreneur I wear many hats and sometimes these hats feel like they are made of steel not soft cashmere wool.

As I wrapped up the year I realized 3 things:

  1. While there was a lot of work that needed to be done "in my business" to keep growing it was ok to take a step back and take in the big picture
  2. Nothing comes from nothing. I had reached a point of burnt out where I was unproductive and unable to create, it was hard for me to even write one short article or bog post. I had a responsibility to my clients and my work to take care of myself AND take a break. Put myself in time out ;-).,
  3. Pushing hard does not make my business grow. As I let go and regain the connection to myself and what I stand for, I realize that the more I stop "pushing" my business and begin "allowing" my business to flow the more productivity and growth I experience.

So as we begin to wrap up the month of January, I'm happy to report that I've spent the month of January allowing my business to flow, grateful for my old and new clients. Grateful for the opportunities that are knocking on my door to contribute to large media and print channels as a writer, to speak to large audiences and lead workshops around the world.

2015 is the year of putting it all my effort and then detaching myself from the outcome, trusting the journey, not the destination. Here's an article I wrote on the subject that you might enjoy. 

So, as you wrap up the first month of 2015 Hello!, what is in your mind? 

What shifts, tweaks are you making in your daily life to make this year your best year yet? 

If you are not yet tweaking or shifting, are you ready to do so or is it more comfortable to stay stuck just where you are? 

If you are ready, here are 2 ways I can help you.

  1. Book a FREE Strategy Session with me. Yes, go ahead Hello!, it's FREE and I guarantee that you will come out with practical action items that you can implement right away and start shifting.
  2. Not ready to speak to me live? Then give yourself the gift of CLARITY and go diving into this self-exploration program that will, in 5 steps, give you the insights you need to start tweaking and shifting in your life.

I look forward to hearing how you are doing. As always, send me an email to dh@doloreshirschmann.com; I'm always happy to hear what you are working on.

Until then, have a great weekend. We are off skiing with the kids this weekend and I'm looking forward to hot chocolate and board games around the fireplace.

Keep on tweaking and shifting,