3 Reasons why GRATITUDE is good for business


As you read this email, I’m on a plane on my way to Buenos Aires. (The email I sent last week had the dates wrong. I’ll actually be in Buenos Aires November 27-December 7, so if you are around, email me and we’ll get together.)

You might be finishing a plentiful Thanksgiving meal shared with family and friends. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving Day. So, for everyone who celebrates this very special holiday, I want to dedicate these lines to the concept of GRATITUDE.  Not just because it’s the thing to do today, but because it’s also an important aspect of success.

In the world we live today, we tend to overlook what works and focus on what is NOT working. We spend a lot of time complaining about the stuff we haven’t done, the things we cannot afford, the time we don’t have and the things that are wrong with our bodies.

How many times have I looked at myself in the mirror, complaining about the weight I have not lost or the miles I did not run-- instead of celebrating the children my body has given life to-- or the hands that have allowed me to help someone in need?

I know I do it-- even if I don’t mean to!  How many times have I asked my kids to pick up their clothes or make their beds, but not thanked them for helping with the dinner table or unloading groceries from the car?  Pointing out what they have NOT done-- instead of celebrating what they have accomplished!

As we become more generous with ourselves, we begin to develop the capacity to share this perspective of positivity and gratitude with the world. We have a choice--every day-- to focus on what’s missing or celebrate what is!

In this funny, fast, insightful talk Shawn Achor shares how happiness affects how we work and gives a recipe for happiness that includes a daily dose of gratitude. Take a few minutes and watch this talk:

I want to suggest a simple exercise today that can help you shift how you set your intention for your day. As you do that, it can shift the outcome as well.  A client recently told me, “Reaching my goals is more about my daily details than it is about any grand action or decision that I’ll make.” GRATITUDE as a KEY to SUCCESS.pdf

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Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!

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