Have you found your sweet spot yet?


This past week, I was having a conversation with a new client and he was telling me all about what he loved to do. How he had gone back to the drawing board a few years ago and had found that helping others design and build their best version was what he loved to do. Every time he was coaching he felt like he was 100% on his purpose.

For which I said, “that’s great! So what is your challenge?” After all he had reached out to consult with me.

“Well, he said, I’m not paying the bills. I’ve let go of my previous job to start my own coaching business, I know I’m good at what I do but how do I get clients? How do I build a business that not only fills me up and allows me to be on purpose but at the same time supports me financially?”

That, Hello!, is the problem. I see a lot of great professionals that are looking for the independence and freedom of owning and running their own business. They set themselves up, invest in their their brand, hang out their shingle and then they sit back and wait for the customers to come; only to be disappointed when they don’t.

Living your life in your purpose, doing what you were designed to do, being in your SWEET spot is our ultimate goal, as long as this is something the world needs and is willing to pay for it. Otherwise we find ourselves trying to give to a world that can’t receive. Think about trying to sell sand in the desert or a hot chocolate stand in the middle of a warm and humid summer. No demand, no customers.

Now the work here is not to change what you love to do, but align it to a need that the world has; and even sometimes is only a matter of better defining the world. Yes, it’s hard to sell sand in a desert but selling sand in a growing city is done everyday.

So how do you find that SWEET spot?

Whether you are in business for yourself or working in a company, finding your sweet spot and aligning it with the need of the market is the fastest path to professional fulfillment and financial growth.

Look at the graphic below and answer the following questions:

  • What would you do for FREE all day long without getting tired?

  • What have you been trained to do or have experience doing? (Education + Experience)

  • Within this space of the work you’ve been trained to do and the work you would do for FREE all day long, what examples are there of needs in the world that can be solved with these skills? Name a few job positions, business, that are currently fulfilling this need to some extent.

  • So, what would the world PAY to soothe this need? Do some research, find out who and how is solving this need and how much they are getting paid for getting the job done.


Answering these questions will help you bring CLARITY around the “job” that can bring


The next steps would be to further define both the “job” and the “audience/market”, but that is a topic for another day.

If you answers these questions and still are not sure what is exactly the work that you are designed to do, then don’t hesitate and schedule time to talk, it’s FREE!. I will quickly walk you to find the CLARITY you need to move forward with your professional growth.

Do your friends a favor. Forward this email to 3 people in your life that can benefit from this exercise.

Have a great rest of your week, on our end we are looking forward to a weekend of skiing with the family,

Dolores works with entrepreneurs who struggle with finding their niche, clarifying their business models & market and would like to have a clear roadmap to grow their business. What separates me from others business coaches is that I have over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur and coach and because of this, clients receive the clarity, coaching and direction they need to substantially grow their business. If you would like to learn more email me or sign up for a FREE BUSINESS MAKEOVER SESSION.