Are you taking time to work ON your business?

So, let's review. What does working ON your business look like? 
  1. 60% FULL: Once you fill up your practice to about 60% you want to declare yourself FULL and have your customers be added to a waiting list. This means no more than 60% of your workday can be full of client engagements. If you work 8 hours a day that's at most 4.5 hours each day. 
  2. VISIBILITY PLAN: What are you doing to be seen on a daily basis? How can you consistently be in front of your target market?
  3. WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS PLAN What does your business need to grow? What systems, programs, products can you create that will allow you to grow your business in a leveraged way. What does your business need in order to scale? 
So, Hello!, if scaling your business is what you ware working towards, then I have an invitation for you.
Join me FRIDAY MARCH 23rd for VIRTUAL COFFEE and a conversation about scaling your business. This is NOT a teleclass or a WEBINAR, I'm making myself available to answer this question for you:
You will walk away with a customized answer for YOUR BUSINESS.
Will you join me? YES, I WILL!
Hello!, I look forward to helping YOU & your business grow!

Have a great rest of your day,