How does your past, add color to your story?



I hope this email finds you well, I'm sending you a quick video, from Austria, where I'm travelling with family. 


For many of us, integrating all that we are, our past, our ancestry, our uniqueness takes courage.

When I work with my clients in clarifying and crafting their message, their idea worth sharing, I encourage them to dig deep into everything they are. I help them stand in front of their audiences as a whole person, fully integrated, with their unique accent, their unique perspective of life and the way they make an impact in the world.

I truly believe that embracing all that we are and not being afraid to show up in that way adds a rainbow of color to us, our communication, how we connect with the world around us and how the world connects with us.

So I'm going to leave you with this question:

How does your history, your past, your ancestry add color to your present and future life and story?

If this is something you've been wondering. If you've been searching for an answer for how you come full circle and integrate all that you have learned, experienced and practice into the work that you do today, then then let’s talk. I would be happy to help you bring it all together and have it enrich your work and those that you work with.

I'm off to Salzburg tomorrow and then on to Venice, have a wonderful rest of your week.