Why skiing is good for business ;-)

Welcome to March! Before winter ends, here in the Northern Hemisphere... I want to bring you a SKI LESSON. 
So now let's review:
  • LEAN IN: Whether you are skiing and you need to lean into the mountain or downhill-- or if you are facing a life challenge-- leaning back will only make it worse! Leaning into it wholeheartedly will allow you to face the situation with your heart, body, and mind and achieve the desired outcome.
  • BEND YOUR KNEES: I love this metaphor! For skiing, is important to bend your knees to absorb the terrain, the bumps on the hill.  In business, and in life for that matter, it's important to keep a flexible mindset to ensure that you can creatively navigate the bumps is in front of you, maintaining control at all times--- but not rigidity! 
  • TRUST: Leaning into your ski boots-- trusting that they are there-- supporting your weight is another way to think about your support system: your colleagues, friends, advisors, mentors, community, even clients!  Allow them to support you in your journey, your growth, your exploration.
Go ahead, if there's some winter left in you, test these tips on the mountain-- but more importantly test them in your life and business and see how you respond!
Send me your thoughts, insights, and AHAs... I always LOVE hearing from you!