Where's Your Heart?


Tuesday night I spent two hours with entrepreneurs from a local incubator here in MA. 

As someone passionate about Ideas, Entrepreneurship and the process of Clarifying, Strategizing and helping businesses have a larger impact in the world, I volunteer my time as a mentor and speaker for local incubators.

Tuesday night, I led a group of entrepreneurs through the process of planning and preparing their pitch, the final presentation in front of the judges where they compete for the financial investment they need to launch their businesses.

Half way through the presentation, as I was checking in with the participants, as I always do when presenting, one of the entrepreneurs had a big smile on her face and she said, “You just gave me permission to bring my heart and my passion back into my business.” She explained how the last few weeks had been hard for her as she immersed herself in learning and building the elements her business needs to launch and succeed. Many of which are new to her, she has a passion, an idea, but she has never run a business before.

Her compliment stayed with me and it made me think about the journey of launching and running a business. I see many entrepreneurs who get discourage, disheartened and begin to dream of a full time job as an oasis, an escape. Trust me, I’ve been there too.

Running a business requires two very important sides of the brain, a left brain, logical, analytical, strategic side and a right brain, creative, passionate, intuitive side.

Many times, in an attempt of “doing things right” or “pushing hard”, entrepreneurs forget to connect with the right brain, creative, passionate, intuitive side of running a business and they loose their connection to their idea. They loose the capacity to feel inspired, moved, driven and motivated by the idea that started their business.

So I want to remind you today, WHY you need to bring your heart back into your business if you want to reach those stretch goals:

  • Selling, & Pitching: Nothing is more effective when selling or pitching a business than someone who presents their product or service with passion and clear conviction of the value proposition.
  • Networking: Who wants to connect with someone who does not love the work they are doing? Nothing is more attractive than someone who lights up when they talk about their work.
  • Customer Relations & Product Development: If you are passionate about what you do and the impact your business has in the world, then you are passionate about the experience your market has with your product or service. You are more likely to be engaged in continuous improvement, development, creative thinking and better servicing that experience for your customers. 

This all sounds wonderful but if you can’t find your heart anywhere in your office, then my best advice is, start with WHY. Check out Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

 I found my WHY when I gave myself permission to openly take a stand for Ideas that Impact the World. So if you need help getting your Idea, to impact the world at a larger scale, then let’s talk.

Have a wonderful rest of your week.