Why I belong to Mastermind Groups


I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my career. 

As a mother of four, entrepreneurship allowed me to design a balanced life between being a mother and growing professionally. 

I’ve led companies in the apparel, technology, education and now professional service industries. All very different in their product offerings; but with a common thread: a clear vision, a solid strategy and a sustainable action plan.

One of the main challenges of being an entrepreneur is that you can run the risk of being isolated and not challenged in your ideas and your growth. 

I luckily learned that early on and I did something about it.

For my entire entrepreneurial career I’ve been part of Mastermind Groups that helped me challenge myself and reach beyond what I thought was possible. 

So what are Mastermind Groups?

Napoleon Hill first coined the term in his book, “Think and Grow Rich.” In his book he talks about something called a “mastermind alliance.” He goes on to describe a mastermind group as, “A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”

These groups are formed by professionals who are looking to go past their ceiling and reach their next level of growth. These groups are not only a great resource for entrepreneurs but for any professional who is looking to reach the next level in their career. 

Stephanie Burns, writes about Mastermind Groups in in her article that appeared in Forbes: “7 Reasons To Join A Mastermind Group”.

Here are some of her insights: 

  1. Exclusive community
  2. Support
  3. Collaboration is the name of the game
  4. Network
  5. New learning
  6. Cross-promotion
  7. Think bigger

Mastermind Groups become the bridge between where you are now and where you want to go. Challenging yourself to the next level becomes easier and faster when you do it within the context of a group. The group will not only hold your VISION when you can’t but it can also save you many years and thousands of dollars of trial an error.

One of the programs I love the most, in my job as a coach, is leading Mastermind Groups where we hold space for you to: 

  • CLARIFY: Clarify you next milestone 
  • CHALLENGE: Then really look at it and say, is this next milestone signifying growth or not. Is it a bit of a stretch? 
  • STRATEGIZE: Design the strategy you need to reach this milestone 
  • ACT: Take consistent BOLD action towards achieving your milestone. We hold your VISION even when you can't. 

If you are interested in exploring a Mastermind Group to reach YOUR next leve, let’s connect. 

As always, if you or someone in your life are in need of a quick check in and getting some clarity around your goals and direction, try out my 5 STEPS TO CLARITY PROGRAM and go diving into this self-exploration program that will, in 5 steps, give you the insights you need to start tweaking and shifting in your life.

Let’s continue the conversation. What kind of support do you have in your life? 

Send me an email to dh@doloreshirschmann.com; I'm always happy to hear what you are working on.

Take care & keep moving forwards,

Dolores is a Life & Business Strategist. She works with high achievers and helps them define the strategies they need to succeed in life & business. What separates her services from other coaches is that she only works with high achievers and professionals looking to reach their next level. This allows her to be very focused on her services and leads her clients out of the fog and into the clarity where they co-create their unstoppable, clear strategy and lay the groundwork for their measurable success in 100 days. Her platform word is CLARITY from where she leads her clients into the crafting and implementation of their winning strategy.


PS: Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  Explore how a MASTERMIND Group can help you CLARIFY your vision, design a STRATEGY and take consistent BOLD action toward your goals. These groups are high impact inner circles of amazing entrepreneurs, professionals and change makers who are growing geometrically. This mastermind is ONLY for those who want to take the work that they do to the next level.

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