Are you recycling your New Year Resolutions?


2016 is almost over!  We are saying goodbye to a year which  has had a lot of learning, growing and wins. As you read this, I'm getting ready to celebrate the ending of a wonderful year and the beginning of the blank canvas that is 2017!

One activity we do as a family every year is to write down our New Year Resolutions--then we put them all in a little box we keep in our living room. Typically, right before the New Year-- I read some of the things I wrote 12 months ago--  to see what I have actually accomplished. (For years, it was funny to see how many of my resolutions were being "recycled"-- every year I was writing the same things-- but obviously not accomplishing ANY!)  Like lose some weight, grow my business, spend more time with the family, etc.

This year, a lot of these "recycled" resolutions have FINALLY been accomplished so I'm looking at writing "resolutions" that are brand new--to move me forward and help me grow.

So if you are where I was a few years ago--  in the "recycling" resolutions mode--  here are some tips on how I was able to finally break that cycle;

  1. Make Your New Year Resolutions Clear: Losing weight is too broad. Be specific!  How much weight do you want to lose? What size do you want to be? What are you willing to do to accomplish this goal? 
  2. Identify How You Want to Feel: Many of us are clear on what we want-- but when we get it, we realize is NOT really what we wanted!  Getting CLEAR on how we want to FEEL is a lot more productive-- as it opens up a wider space of creativity on how we will accomplish our goal.
  3. Be Gentle: Don't try to CHANGE everything in the next 12 months. Ask yourself, what part of my life needs a bit of a makeover? What MVP (minimum viable project)-- would create a shift that would make a big difference?

Let me offer you a tool that can help you. Use the card below to write down what you will be celebrating December 2017. (Write it as if it was that day and you are celebrating in the present tense.) 

Set it on your desk or a place where you will see it often. Make this what you strive to accomplish in the new year and watch your goals manifest! 

Happy New Year!

Dolores works with entrepreneurs who struggle with business models & ideal client clarity and would like to have a clear roadmap to grow their business. What separates her from others business coaches is that she has over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur and coach and because of this, clients receive the clarity, coaching  and direction they need to substantially grow their business. Want to go over your CLARITY of goals? Schedule a FREE session with Dolores.