Did you miss me?


Did you miss me last week?

Last week I did not send you an email. I did not connect with you on Thursdays as I’ve been consistently doing for the past year or more.


Well, my excuse…. life got in the way.

I was coming back from three weeks of heavy travel, settling back into work and kids routine and I just did not make time to write to you, Hello!.

Maybe I was testing to see if you were reading these emails. ;-)

If you are not and they are crowding your inbox, please unsubscribe. 

But if you are, and you missed me, I apologize but at the same time, it’s something I want to talk about.

Why do I make an effort to consistently reach you, in your inbox, every week?

You, Hello! and I have a relationship through these emails. We probably also meet in real life, around the world too, but even if our only connection is these emails, it’s still a connection, a relationship.

When you are building a relationship with someone, you want to show up for them, you want to be present, consistently. Even if it’s just a relationship via email, it’s still a two way interaction, I send you an email and you, Hello!, read it.

So in marketing and in personal interactions, the rules are the same. In order to build, nurture and grow a relationship with someone, a friend, a colleague, a potential life partern or a customer you need to follow these three simple rules:

  • Honor your word: Whether you are writing an email to your community or calling your friend. Stick by your word. If you are offering a special price or special opportunity to your community, follow through! If you are picking up your friend at 7PM to go out for dinner, show up on time.

  • Be Consistent: Consistency in how and when you show up, helps the other person build trust, feel safe and comfortable around you, and learn what to expect. A date that calls once and then disappears for months and then calls again inviting you out might get away with it once, maybe twice. But at the third time, you know that this particular date will not have potential for a long term safe and stable relationship.

  • Be Authentic: People want to have relationships with people. Not with the perfect linkedin or match.com profiles. They want to learn about your wins and also your failures. Actually, sharing your struggles is probably the best way to build empathy and to have someone else connect with you emotionally. After all, it’s in overcoming our challenges that we learn and grow. So don’t be afraid to show up as you, in all your shades… of grey ;-) (sorry I couldn’t help myself)

So with that, I want to leave you with some homework:

  • Which relationships are fading due to lack of consistency? Maybe your clients? Maybe your old school friends?

Want to talk it over? Book a time to chat, I promise I'll show up!

Have a great rest of your week,