Are you dressed for success?


Are you dressed for success?

So as you can see in the video you could say I was “mentally dressed for success” but in my sweaty workout outfit ;-).

Hello!, here’s for you to consider. Whether you are about to walk into a job interview, a stage, a call with a prospect client, meet the man/woman of your dreams or simply go about your day; you get to choose who you want to be. Isn’t that cool?

I’ve been having conversations with my ten year old lately, who is in a phase where he gets mad because so and so got him mad. Here’s my response to him: “ Why are you giving so and so the honor to MAKE you mad? Only YOU can make yourself mad, why are you giving so and so that power?” To which of course he rolls his eyes… but one day he will get it; I hope!

YOU and only you, get to choose what “outfit” you want to wear, who you want to be, and show up as that person. 

Hello!, here are some tips you can consider in designing your winning self:

  1. Become conscious of your thoughts. Check in with yourself first, how are you feeling? Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality.
  2. Be Clear on what your end game is. If you are looking to land that job, then who do you need to be? What about if you are speaking to an audience, how do you stand? What do you wear? How do you move?
  3. Never leave the house without your toolbox. Have a list (mentally or in your phone/notebook) of things you can do to shift yourself from one “outfit” to another. How do you go from the “I’m not enough” outfit to the “I can do this”? Here are some suggestions:
    • Take a brief walk
    • Pause before speaking, before reacting, never underestimate the power of a deep breath
    • Move your body, literally get your blood flowing, you will see how different it feels - stretch, raise your arms, shake it all ou
    • Get your favorite, uplifting song playing in your ears (especially right before a big moment)
    • Eat healthy, practice self care, whatever that looks for you

                  Off I go to breaking a fight between my children in this summer as a working mother, I promise to take a deep breath, or two or three before I loose it… at least I’ll try ;-)

Are you in the SouthCoast? Want to meet up?

Join me tomorrow, Thursday June 30th for a conversation around Education 2.0. I will be facilitating an open conversation and wewill meet on the stage of the Zeiterion Theatre (everyone comes onstage). We will also be announcing the first six speakers for our November 4th event.

On another note, keep your ears open for my upcoming WEBINAR on 3 strategies to craft and pitch YOUR TEDx stage.

Until then, have a great week,