What Gets YOU Out of Bed in the Morning?


I have four children and a dog-- so it’s very easy for me to answer the question “What gets you out of bed in the morning?”  If it’s not the dog barking, it’s one of the children screaming that they are missing this or that for school. Or my husband rushing around trying to get out the door.

My house is busy in the morning and I like it that way.  But once the chaos is done and I have my coffee and settle down to work-- the answer might be quite different.

It’s more like answering the question, Why do you do what you do?

Simon Sinek, the author of the book Start with Why and TED/TEDx speaker explains it really well in this video:

I met Simon at the TEDActive conference in Whistler and his second TED talk was as inspiring as the first one-- but that’s conversation for another email...

When we are communicating with our audience, our teams, our boss, even-- I must say, with ourselves-- we must be VERY CLEAR on the reason we do what we do.

The belief systems, value systems and dreams behind our actions and ultimately our lives are what keep us going and inspires the people around us! It is what brings them along in the journey. It is what makes our customers want to buy our products or services, our partners to commit their lives to a shared vision and our friends and family to trust us.

For me personally, my WHY, the reason I’m sitting here on a cold January afternoon writing this email to you is because: 

  • I believe in pursuing my dreams.
  • I believe in aligning big ideas and dreams with concrete strategic actions to move the world forward.
  • I believe in loving what I do and doing what I love--  and that I can be financially rewarded for it-- making it MY business!
  • I believe that it’s never too late to align my life with my essence-- with who I really am-- and serve the world from that place.
  • Finally, I believe that I can be on a stage, vibrating with excitement from head to toe delivering the talk of my life. Moving the audience and inspiring them to wake up and realize that there really is only one life-- THIS ONE and it starts right now! Not when we graduate, when we have money, when we lose weight, when our children grow up or our boss gives us a raise. It starts right now, and it starts with US!

And I believe this is true for YOU too. Now it’s your turn. Why do YOU do what you do? What do YOU believe? Fill in the blanks:

  • I believe ______________________________________________________

  • I believe ______________________________________________________

  • I believe ______________________________________________________

  • I believe ______________________________________________________

  • I believe ______________________________________________________

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