My "Go-To" TECH Tools to Leverage My Time!

As a strategist, coach and speaker,  I strive to spend 80% of my time doing what I love to do the most-- working directly with my clients-- either in private one-on-one meetings, group coaching or speaking. This means I'm always looking for ways to systematize and automate " admin" work which does not require my personal attention.
That's how I pushed my business over the six-figure mark without hiring full-time team members! So how do I do it? 
I look for tools which help me use my time efficiently-- while providing my clients the support they need to work with me.

Here are my top five tools:






Email Marketing -Online Learning - Membership Sites - Landing Pages – Product Sales


Video Conference 1:1 & Multiple Participants – Recording Videos for Content


Hosting Webinars and Virtual Presentations


Online Scheduling Application


Tracking Leads through the Sales Process

 Here's how YOU, Hello!, can figure out what you need for support:
  • Make a list of all the tasks/activities you do every day (both work & personal). Write them all down--including laundry!  
  • Highlight those you love to do the most, you are good at and come naturally to you.
  • Circle the ones you really don't like doing and you are NOT that good at, (Yes, you can circle laundry.)
  • Next to the tasks you DON'T like doing-- take one of the following actions:
    • The name of someone in your team or household you can delegate this task to 
    • A tech tool (from my list or other) that can automate this process 
  • NEXT? Commit to either delegating or introducing a tech tool to free up your time!

If you are not sure how to IMPLEMENT,  then you simply answer the following questions in a reply email and we'll schedule some time to chat:

  • What type of business/job are you in?
  • What do you NOT like about your business/job?
Go ahead, send me your answers now!  

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