What I learned at my brother's wedding in Buenos Aires


How good are you at celebrating?

Let me share a thought about celebrating, from Buenos Aires.

As I share in the video, our success is a combination of small wins we have on a daily basis. Small wins of conquering our fears, of mastering our emotions, our mindset, our actions that stir the ship of our lives in one direction or another.

Like climbing up a set of stairs, we need to breath in between the landings, look back at the steps we’ve climbed and let them fuel us to keep climbing.

Celebrating takes:

  • Acknowledgement: Stop and breath. Look back at what you’ve accomplished. Celebrate, give yourself the space to acknowledge yourself.
  • Share: Our family, friends, colleagues are witness to our success. Include them in your celebration. Allow them to share their love, their admiration, their words of kindness. Take them in. Let their love fuel you.
  • Learn: Ask yourself, how did I achieve this milestone? Who did I need to be to conquer this fear, this goal, this step? Learn about who you are by reverse engineering your wins.

I would love to hear about what you are celebrating in your life. Make sure you leave a message or email me.

I’m now resting until our Argentinean style wedding party this evening…. which will end with breakfast at 6AM.

I am in Buenos Aires until Monday May 9th, then I’ll spend the day in New York on Tuesday May 10th, and back home to Massachusetts on Wednesday May 11th.

Have a great weekend,