How do you refuel?


How do you refuel? How do you slow down, take a break and reconnect with yourself and the people in your life?

We can’t push hard and expect to show up as our best version every single day if we don’t take time to slow down, refuel, reconnect.

Here are the three things I keep in mind when looking to recharge:

  1. LIMIT SCREEN TIME: I love being on my phone or computer as much as everyone else but I find that by the weekend I need to disconnect. In fact, the video I just shared was recorded in my husband’s phone because I did not even have my phone with me that day. People know if they need me on weekends they either stop by my house, call the landline or my husband’s phone. By Monday I’m fully recharge and ready to connect with the world again.

  2. GET OUTDOOR TIME:: I personally need to be outdoors everyday, rain or shine. Whether it’s a short walk under the rain, a winter sport, gardening or just playing with the kids outside, a bit of fresh air makes my day.

  3. FLOWERS: Call me crazy but I have a thing for flowers. I love making flower arrangements from greens and flowers in my garden. The less options I have the more creative I become and the more fun I have. That is my thing, what is yours? What activity, even if it’s small, maybe silly, makes you find your center?

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Have a wonderful week,