what are you grateful for?


The other night I had dinner with some friends and the conversation, amongst the wives, revolved around skiing. New England cold skiing vs. deep soft powder skiing.

While the conversation was about the pros and cons of each skiing condition we began asking questions to the experts in the table what was easier, what was the trick to skiing on powder snow and what each of us preferred.

Now, you might be thinking... what can I take away from a skiing conversation? 

Well what inspired me from the conversation was the concept that in order to ski deep powder you need to lean back.... which is the opposite from regular trail or packed snow skiing. 

So, here's how leaning back in skiing translates into coaching. This short video will give you some tools to lean back in your life and spend your day in a place of abundance, possibility and trust vs. the opposite which is controlling, fear and lack. 

I'm also enclosing a worksheet that can help you with this exercise. Abundance.pdf

How we go about our day can change dramatically if we are in a mindset of abundance vs. lack.  

Include this tool in your morning routine as frequently as possible and you will start seeing yourself shifting, how you react, how you negotiate, how you go about your personal and professional life.

Let me know how you did with this exercise. Send me an email or leave a comment in social media, I can't wait to learn how you did. Want to have a private conversation about it? Schedule time to connect.

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Have a great weekend,

Dolores is a Life & Business Strategist. She works with high achievers and helps them define the strategies they need to succeed in life & business. What separates her services from other coaches is that she only works with entrepreneurs and professionals looking to double the size of their business or reach the next level in their career. Because of this, she is very focused on her services and leads her clients out of the fog and into the clarity where they co-create their unstoppable, clear strategy and lay the groundwork for their measurable success in 100 days. Her platform word is CLARITY from where she leads her clients into the crafting and implementation of their winning strategy.