to you unfiltered...


This email is to thank you for receiving my emails week after week and for allowing them to come into your life. Wether you read one out of 100 or faithfully each one, I'm honored that you allow me into your inbox with with tips, stories, insights and opportunities.

Today I'm in your inbox without filter. I'm not even running this email through my editor and I know she is not going to like it. Sorry Linda ;-).

But you see, Hello!, not every week do I have the perfect story to tell you or the perfect email to deliver. Today's email is coming from one of those weeks when there is too much of too much.... Too many children in a too long of a vacation, too much stuff to do at home, at work, so much so that I don't have it all organized and neatly scheduled. I myself feel in a whirl wind and not sure what am I supposed to do next.

So here I am, emailing you, instead of catching up with my life after school vacation and a business trip; because you, Hello!, is who keeps me sane. Serving you brings me joy, fills me up and drives me to continually learn, grow and expand. 

Brining CLARITY to  my clients is what I love to do; witnessing how CLARITY removes the veil of fog and allows them to see the road ahead, to take the next step and move forward.

For that, I want to give you a chance to get CLARITY and move forwards.

I've condensed many of the tools and work that I do with my private clients into a self paced program that will guide you towards the CLARITY you are seeking. 

My private coaching rate for this kind of work is about $3,000, so I'm offering over $3,000 worth of tools and guidance for you to stop getting in your own way and start taking action towards the life and work you want. And I'm offering it for only $97.00 (on a first come first serve basis, only 10 participants can access this program at this low rate)

But don't take my word for it.... here's what some people have to say about my work:

"You are amazing! Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and my needs. Your ability to clearly understand what I was trying to communicate in such a short time was incredible. I left our heartfelt conversation feeling optimistic, energized and loved with a sense of direction to take. More than I imagined! You have given me a great visual that will allow me to move forward and serve my clients. Can't wait to connect again.", Hugs, Kathleen​, CEO  

"As a result I have strategies to achieve our goals, a positive vision of an outcome and being conscious of it so it transmits to others as well, understanding my strengths and weaknesses , and my team member's , and using it all in our advantage as a group pulling on the same direction. “ Nati, Co-Founder & CEO 

Because I really hate seeing people stuck due to lack of CLARITY. Many times, the answer is right in front of us but we can't see it through the noise in our head, our saboteur, our shoulds and our to do list. 

Guiding people towards CLARITY is what I love to do and I want to spend most of my time doing what I absolutely LOVE. I want to to spend my time helping people remove the noise and bring CLARITY to their chaos. That is what I do best! And now I want to make it SOOO affordable that you can't help but get CLEAR RIGHT NOW!

Ohhh.... and did I  mention that the program includes a private coaching session with me? That's $250.00 worth of coaching FREE for you!

Wish me luck as I find my own CLARITY through the piles of ski boots, jackets, lonely single gloves and helmets as I get my house back in order and begin looking towards the early spring we are bound to have in New England this year.   

Wishing you CLARITY today, 

Dolores works with professionals & entrepreneurs who struggle with clarifying their message and communication strategy and would like to have a clear roadmap that will help them grow their market and grow their business. 

What separates her from other communication coaches is that she has over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur and marketing & communications strategist & coach, she is a TEDxOrganizer and TEDx Speaker coach; and because of this, clients receive the clarity, coaching and direction they need to pitch their business, take the stage and communicate with their audience to substantially grow their business. 

If you would like to learn more, email me or sign up for a FREE MESSAGE CLARITY SESSION.