Let's explore your VALUES using the worksheet below!


Peak Experience

This is a moment in your life where you felt on top of the world. It can be anything. Describe how you felt, who surrounded you, where you were, what were you doing... (*Adapted from The Coaches Institute)

Exploring your Values

What makes you angry? What makes you feel frustrated or upset? Here’s an example: getting stuck in commuter traffic frustrates you. You become antsy and angry. When asked what makes you angry, you answer “I have no control, I’m trapped.” What you are saying is that you have a strong value in freedom (you can’t stand feeling trapped). Identify the values that come up, the value of RESPECT, FREEDOM, etc.

Listing your values

Now, this is just the beginning. Once you’ve taken some notes, make a list of the values that you identified, through the stories and the thoughts you wrote down. You can use the list of VALUES to help you along: VALUES

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